Meet your international applicants, and SEE* how they communicate.

Secure, verified in person interviews and *Spoken English Evaluations worldwide
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“The interviews have become a valuable and flexible part of our evaluation process…We are very pleased with the students that we enrolled, with significant help from Vericant.”
Steve Downes

Director, Center for International Students, Tabor Academy

“I love to see Vericant interviews… Having an interview from Vericant is something that we look forward to because we are actually able to look at the student as they’re communicating and having that sort of personal touch to an application helps us with our decision making process.”
Jennifer Simons

Director of International Recruitment, Tufts University

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Meet Each of Your Applicants

Discover their thought process, maturity level, attitude, and personality.

Trust What You See

Add verified information to your admissions process.

Examine How They Write

100% verified, proctored essay for each applicant.

Eliminate Skype Problems

Watch professionally-conducted, pre-recorded HD, video interviews. Available online, 24/7, 365.

Evaluate Spoken English Ability

Quickly determine spoken English proficiency with Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation (SEE).

Make Confident Decisions

Determine fit and availability with verified information.

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Meet your international applicants and focus on what you do best.

  • Secure, verified in person interviews allow you to meet your applicants
  • Accurate assessment of spoken communication skills
  • Quickly determine campus and classroom fit
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