Fee Waiver for the Vericant Interview

Needs-based waivers available to all applicants worldwide


As an organization, Vericant is committed to supporting the needs of both applicants and academic institutions. Organizations which accept the Vericant Interview may apply for fee waiver vouchers to distribute as they see fit to potential applicants. Applicants may also apply directly to Vericant using this form.

We know the importance of an interview and how it can help applicants. Each year, Vericant reviews multiple requests and provides partial or full interview fee waivers for both online and in-person interviews. On average, several dozen waivers are issued each application season.

We encourage applicants to first consult with schools they are applying to to check if a waiver from the school is available before submitting this form.

Fee Waiver Application Process

Submit your form with documentation

(Form A)

Have sponsors submit recommendations

(Form B)


Vericant will contact you with the result within 5-10 business days.

Form A (Application) for Applicants

Form B (Recommendation) for Teachers

Having trouble or have some additional questions? Contact us at the address below: