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Founded in 2011, Vericant is a widely trusted third-party interview service for applicants to high schools and universities worldwide, especially in the USA.

We support the admissions teams of academic institutions in making better-informed decisions through continuous improvement of our interviews and applying rigorous standards to quality and assessment.

We also support international applicants who wish to stand out through a personal expression of their unique interests and exceptional experiences.


Over the past 10 years, Vericant has developed relationships with hundreds of higher-education institutions across the United States. We seek an individual who can maintain and broaden understanding of the Vericant Interview within the community of higher education admissions officers.

The role’s KPI is to raise the overall number of institutions who include the Vericant Interview as a part of their application and raise our profile with top-ranked programs. The compensation structure is competitive and directly correlated to maintaining and expanding formal endorsements.

This role may include travel to relevant national and regional conferences such as International ACAC and NAFSA. This role is essentially a Brand Ambassador which requires an annual statement of conflict of interest and strict adherence to the Vericant values.

This is a part time consultant role which reports to the Sales Director based in China. Admin resources are available as part of the team resources to support reporting requirements.


  • Successfully promote Vericant Interviews to Top 50 US News ranked liberal arts and national universities
  • Successfully convert top ranked universities to list Vericant on their website as an accepting third-party interview provider
  • Attend industry conferences and visit schools to obtain partnership leads and build relationships
  • Deliver presentations as needed at meetings and academic conferences
  • Advise on new ways to improve and increase the company’s overall sales and marketing in the target market
  • Obtain feedback about user experience with our product, service, and support
  • Provide regular updates via conference calls on market conditions and trends to the Vericant team

Candidate Profile

  • Strong work ethic, good organizational skills, and self-motivated
  • Strong professional ethics and desire to give back to the academic community
  • Desire to improve the admissions experience for international applicants
  • Wants to have a positive impact on international admission processes
  • Believes strongly in the importance of interviews as a part of holistic admissions decisions
  • Easily able to strike up conversations and engage with professionals in the academic admissions space
  • Desires an ongoing long-term relationship with a principled organization (Vericant) which drives development at the intersection of technology, institutions and applicants

Experience and Skills

  • Over 15 years’ experience in higher education as an admission director or similar role supporting international admissions
  • Established relationships with administrators and admissions professionals at a large number of institutions, including top universities and colleges.
  • Holds certification or membership in relevant accredited organizations such as NAFSA, ISCA
  • Has successfully delivered many presentations at conferences; workshop leadership and design experience is an advantage
  • Academic degree in education, counseling or educational administration is an advantage
  • Participation in relevant field research or published work is a strong advantage
  • Experience advising or consulting organizations and international government bodies is a strong advantage


  • Flexible work schedule with high input into strategy
  • Compensation scale based upon successes
  • Domestic travel opportunities including school visits

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To apply, please email with your resume and cover letter as a single PDF document.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline?

The need is urgent, so we expect to close this position before September 31, 2022.

What kind of person thrives at Vericant?
As part of a small, cross-functional team, your work contributes directly and tangibly to the growth of the company. We’re looking for ambitious individuals early in their career who are willing to grow with us and to develop their skills while having front row seats to the changing lives of young people.
How large is Vericant?
We are a small team with a big reach. As of early 2017, Vericant employs 26 full-time staff. Most of us are based in Beijing, and we also have a few people based in Shanghai and in North America.
Do I need to be located in China to join Vericant?
No, the role is completely remote, and international applicants are preferred as no work visa can be provided for this part-time role.
What is the application process?

Send an email with a cover letter and a resume in a single PDF document to

After you send in your documents, someone from Vericant will reach out to qualified candidates to schedule an interview via Skype or WeChat.

A second interview usually takes place with a more senior manager.

We will contact at least 3 references before a decision is reached. The entire process normally takes at least 10 business days