Work, explore, and excel in China

Gain professional experience in an international setting

Make real contributions in a fast-growing startup

Vericant offers a professional experience that will expose you to what it’s like to work in a fast-paced international startup. We know that you are just starting your professional journey, and we care more about your capacity to grow and learn rather than what is in your head right now. We believe that you can add a lot to our work environment, and while you are here you will be given the opportunity to make real contributions and to take ownership of projects. Spend a few months building great systems, alongside great teammates.
We are looking for interns to join us in a variety of capacities in our Beijing office. Interns at Vericant are able to contribute to several areas, such as:
  • Video editing – First follow our system and one of our experienced video editors to learn how to do the basics of video editing within our operations department, then take ownership over independent projects for internal staff training, for operations, and for marketing.
  • Translation – first get up to speed with our system and our tools by translating from Chinese MP3s into English subtitles within our operations department. Then help our marketing department and our HR efforts by translating public-facing material.
  • Human Resources – Help us find, recruit, and select people that fit well with our company culture, and who can help us achieve our goals. You will help us organize company trainings, craft policy, and shape our company’s culture.
  • Marketing – Creating marketing content targeted at a Chinese or a North American audience, working in your native language.
  • Customer Relations – Calling clients for feedback, receiving customer inquiries, and ensuring that they are thrilled with our product. Your native language should be Chinese in order to fill this role.
  • Tech & Development – If you have experience or interest in QA, technical support, web development, or Python, then you might be able to help our tech team.

What’s it like to intern at Vericant?

My internship at Vericant allowed me to hone my professional skills, especially those in my field of study. I was able to practice public speaking, develop my ability to manage tasks, and also to organize my time effectively. I have become more open-minded and a team player, being able to work in a multicultural environment.


Operations & Tech Support Intern Fall/Winter 2016

Vericant is an amazing place to intern! The staff are very friendly, flexible, and supportive. Additionally, I have engaged in work that was not only enjoyable, but was also beneficial to me in my chosen career path. I could not recommend them highly enough, and it has made for a great experience in China!


Tech Intern Fall/Winter 2016

About the Internship

  • Vericant accepts both Chinese citizens and non-Chinese citizens as interns. We accept both graduates and current students.
  • Internships require a minimum commitment of three days per week and a minimum commitment of three months.
  • Vericant will provide a stipend to interns that are able to commit to 40 hours per week (five days per week). Interns that are able to commit less than to 40 hours per week are welcome to apply, but we aren’t able to provide these interns with a stipend.
  • Vericant does not assist with airfare, visa, housing, or other personal expenses.
  • At the end of the internship, an official letter of recommendation can be provided based on performance, and we are happy to serve as references for your next professional steps. Our internship program is also our favorite way to recruit full-time hires, so let us know right away if you will be looking for a full-time position once your internship ends.
  • Interns must be able to use both English and Chinese well enough to communicate both verbally and in writing with colleagues on a daily basis. More advanced English and Chinese language skills would be a plus.
  • You’ll spend the first two weeks learning our systems: Depending on what department you are working with, this could focus on video editing, translation & subtitle management, how our interviews work, or the systems and tools that we use to communicate with our clients. After that, you’ll be given an area to be fully responsible for. You will work with a manager or coach to revise and improve the system or the tool that you are working with, and your ideas and your plans for improvement can affect everyone at the company.
  • Vericant’s Beijing office generally hosts two to five interns each year. Past interns have researched Chinese-language sources, created reports on how to improve Vericant’s Human Resources department, designed video editing software, organized outreach activities, and assisted with enhancing customer relations.
  • Successful non-Chinese interns have often spent time living or studying in mainland China, and successful Chinese interns have often spent time living or studying in North America.
  • Vericant partners with over 100 schools in North America and thousands of students visit our office each year to express who they really are. As an intern, any improvement you make can instantly help thousands of young people get access to a better education. If international education excites you as much as it does us, then you should be a part of our team.

About Vericant

Vericant is a third-party, video interview and spoken English assessment service used by US and Canadian schools to better evaluate their international applicants. Our mission is to help academic institutions gain control of their international applicant pools and find the best-fit applicants via third-party, verified video interviews, proctored writing samples, and spoken English assessments.

The purpose of the internship program is to provide college students with “hands-on” experience working in a dynamic workplace, where they can expand themselves, build professionalism, learn new skills, and gain firsthand experience with what is takes to work, live , and conduct business in China.

Perks of interning with Vericant

  • Ground floor opportunity to work with a young team. And if you prove yourself as an intern, there could be room for advancement and full-time employment with the company.
  • The people you’ll work with come from all over and are can teach you new skills. No matter what you are focused on, you’ll be able to find someone here interested in helping out.
  • Flexible working hours based on your school schedule and the needs of the office.
  • Work with bright motivated colleagues who have graduated from top schools, who have started multiple companies, and who have lived in half a dozen countries.
  • Receive professional development and coaching to help you discover and reach your professional potential.

Ready to apply?

To apply, please fill out the application here, and we’ll be in touch shortly!