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Gain experience managing people and projects

Change the way international applicants are evaluated

Prove you have what it takes in an international startup

Our Operations team handles thousands of interviews, and we need someone that can handle the complexity while improving our systems. You can optimize the process flow, research new methods that will increase our efficiency, initiate new projects, and explore many functions within the company.

One of the major benefits of working with a small team is that you will be exposed to various aspects of the business, and in a given day you might end up working on brainstorming a new product, dealing with unexpected crises, making a plan to prevent such crises, coaching junior employees, and helping craft company policy.


As a Junior Manager in our team we trust you to:


Directly manage junior staff


Oversee a section of our Operations department (either Pre-Interview or Post-Interview)


Coordinate tasks relating to all aspects of interviewing and processing (including scheduling/logistics, capacity planning and hiring, and employee growth/development)

Here are the qualities we expect you to bring to the table:


Experience working in mainland China and demonstrated ability to work cross-culturally


Exceptionally warm and friendly interpersonal and communication skills


Comfortable using G Suite (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar)


Ability to take initiative and work independently


Excellent attention to detail and consistency


Comfortable English and Mandarin ability


Comfortable giving and accepting feedback


Resourcefulness and constantly seeking to improve

But if you’ve got these in addition, that’s even better:


Experience managing projects and managing people


Familiarity with China/America study abroad trends and/or international admissions


Native-like proficiency in Chinese


Native-like proficiency in English


Experience working in Mainland China and a demonstrated ability to work cross-culturally


Ability to think on your feet


Interest in product management

What’s it like to work at Vericant?

I enjoy speaking to young, Chinese students from all over the country and hearing about their experiences and their lives. Working with Vericant, I get to meet the current generation of Chinese students who will become future leaders. Working in a growing startup is an experience worth having. Even as a relatively junior team member, I am in close contact with Vericant’s founders. In a bigger company, I would never have the same level of personal contact that we have with Vericant’s leaders.

Former Operations Associate

At Vericant, I’m not just earning the money to pay bills and to put food on the table. I’m learning how a startup is run, how to manage small projects and processes that are essential to the operations of the business, and how to get things done effectively. In none of the previous organizations that I worked for did I feel like I was challenged to grow and to learn new things. At Vericant, I really feel like I’m part of a team that is working towards a common goal. I’m gaining the kind of experience that will eventually enable me to run my own company and to manage people and projects.

Former Junior Operations Manager

Working with Vericant has some great perks:

  • Ground floor opportunity with a young team; prove yourself capable, and within a year you could be helping to shape the strategic direction of the company
  • Flexible working hours; work from home, work from a hotel on the road, or work from our Beijing office. We like people to have a regular, in-person presence in Beijing, but there are days when you would simply get more done by working from elsewhere, and we understand that
  • Flexible vacation days; during our busy season we all tend to work long hours, including a lot of weekends. You earn vacation days in lieu, and getting multiple weeks of hard-earned, paid vacation is a great feeling
  • Paid sick leave; when our employees are sick, the only thing we want them concerned with is getting well
  • Have a real impact on people’s lives; this is an opportunity to change how international students are assessed and selected for opportunities in North America; we’re enabling real people to gain access to real opportunities
  • Bright, motivated colleagues; you’ll get to work with people that have graduated from top schools, started multiple companies, and lived in half a dozen countries
  • Visa costs and visa-related flights covered by Vericant; we do our best to make sure that there are minimal difficulties with working in China
  • Health Insurance; we care about our employees and want our team to be in tip-top shape
  • Professional development program; you will be paired with a coach, who will help you discover and reach your professional potential

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To apply, please email with your resume and cover letter as a single PDF document.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline?

We are always on the lookout for top talent so applications will be considered for this position year round.

What kind of person thrives at Vericant?

If you enjoy talking to and learning about people, if you find systems optimization and data engaging, if you are willing to take on a task and make sure things get done, if you are excited to take on new projects, and if you want to be deeply involved in improving the international admissions process, then Vericant will be a great fit for you. As part of a small, cross-functional team, your work contributes directly and tangibly to the growth of the company. We’re looking for ambitious individuals early in their career who are willing to grow with us and to develop their skills while having front row seats to the changing lives of China’s youth. Does this sound like you?

Will there be opportunities to work on non-Operational tasks?

Yes, you will have opportunities to work on other projects, whether in Marketing, Sales, CRM, or HR, depending on your strengths and interests. We give employees the change to explore and grow with small projects so that they are ready to step into new positions in the future. Previous employees have:

  • Delivered marketing presentations about the Vericant interview to students and their families
  • Learned Python and written programs which are now core to Vericant’s operations
  • Designed and implemented new HR systems
  • Planned awesome company events
  • Created new company policies
  • Learned video editing
How large is Vericant?

We are a small team with a big reach. As of early 2017, Vericant employs 26 full-time staff. Most of us are based in Beijing, and we also have a few people based in Shanghai and in North America.

Do I need to be located in Beijing to join Vericant?

Yes. This role will be based in Beijing. If you are not currently in Beijing, you are welcome to apply, but you must move to Beijing before the beginning of the contract.

How do I apply to join the team?

Send an email with a cover letter and a resume in a single PDF document to After you send in your documents, someone from Vericant will reach out to qualified candidates to schedule an interview via Skype or WeChat. A second interview will take place with a more senior manager, we will do a brief call in Chinese, and we will contact at least 3 references before a decision is reached. The entire process normally takes at least one month.